An IT graduate by qualification and a food connoisseur at heart.

Amit Gulrajani, Director of Blue Pepper Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. grew up learning and loving food. Passion instilled by his father who belongs to the Hospitality sector, his love for food is what led him to start a venture of his own. Blue Pepper Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. is a result of an in-depth research on cuisines and simply because good food always attracts great people.

Amit Gulrajani invests not only time and money but has dedicated his entire life to the discovery of food. Blue Pepper Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. under his able mentorship has tasted immense success, something that Amit prides himself in. An entrepreneur in mind and a food lover at heart, he aims to climb the ladder of success simply by loving and promoting food.

Amit Gulrajani

Our aim is to achieve perfection in all areas of restaurant business. We further aim to achieve highest level of efficiency in customer satisfaction by providing high food quality and maintaining exemplary service standards.

Amit Gulrajani