Blue Pepper Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. began its culinary voyage in 2011 with a soul objective to cater to the food devotees of Western India. Considering themselves to be the custodians of Authentic Asian Cuisines, the menu and staff at Blue Pepper Restaurants is complete palette driven. Catering not to individuals but to diverse palettes, Blue Pepper Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. ensnares the taste buds of a food enthusiast with its diverse cuisine offerings and warm, friendly ambience.

Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, all the restaurants have professionally trained culinary team and service staff from hospitality background. The team is committed to create real taste through original recipes, traditional spices and innovative methods of cooking. Having begun in India’s financial capital Mumbai, Blue Pepper successfully operates 8 outlets. The popularity is measured by the high footfall the three restaurants enjoy.