Rajesh Bakhshi

(Food Connoisseur and #6 Reviewer in Mumbai – Zomato) on our brand Downtown China

"My second visit to this combo Chinese-Thai food restaurant located on the third floor of the beautiful Xperia Mall – (the fun never ends). With Akkis, Nakshatra Village and Kith & Kin as the only good Chinese food places around this magnificent and most beautiful city in India – Palava City, the recently opened “Downtown China” is a wonderful food-provision to thousands of Dombivalikars who are so fond of Chinese food. In the last four months, I have nearly explored all Chinese/Thai eating places in Dombivali East and it’s a blessing for all food lovers to have a Downtown China outlet in the heart of the City. Well, the day Downtown China opened here, I tried their chicken manchow soup which was good. On the evening of Independence Day, I tried their “hot chicken garlic” which I enjoyed again. The rush was too heavy and since there are currently, six food-outlets operational across the food-court, the reliance of people seemed to be epicenter-ed on Downtown China. My food order took nearly 10 minutes which is acceptable by all means since more and more customers seem to be pouring-in to visit the Xperia Mall."

Suondher Krishnan

(Food Lover & Creative Writer, Actor, Director, Power-Yoga & Corporate Trainer) on our brand Khaana Peena.

"Aah, what a pleasure to give a clean, 'from-the-bottom-of-my-heart' Khaana-Peena experience! Especially so when I am unashamedly a hard-to-please soul and praising something or someone is something that I hardly am able to do given my reasonably stringent observance of how the knife and fork is put to use and what magic it produces to please both my olfactory and belly sense!!

Simply Khaana Peena, and have a blissful sona (sleep)!...Repeat this ritual day in and day out and your life can be declared to have been "made in heaven"!! Honestly, folks, am simply floored by the sheer lip-smacking, finger-licking aromatic delicious culinary here...of course, I didn't for a moment entertain any doubt about their authenticity for a start simply because it belongs to the same belly-pleasure-giving! group - Blue Pepper Restaurant - and that gentleman-chief of brain - Mr. Gulrajani! (who is also the owner of the other awesome twosome, Coconut Leaf and Downtown China!!!). And after the tummy full of their extremely thoughtful plates of absolutely tasty cuisine on offer, that firm faith in that "Blue Pepper Gulrajani" name got sealed for me! My full marks to their dedicated, smiling punctual service, and the enticingly heavenly foody stuff, not to speak of their decently-priced menu.

I think my life is now gonna be steeped in just Khaana Peena in Downtown China on a Coconut Leaf!! My ratings: Excellent. Anything less would be a crying shame! Yep. Man, the others can go red over this blue pepper!! …

Peace & cheers :) "

Heena Tonde

(Big Foodie – Zomato) on our brand Coconut Leaf

These guys serve huge quantities. Considering what I and my husband have been getting in for the money we were in for a pleasant shock seeing the massive rava dosa and huge bowl of masala idli. Both had the same accompaniments like coconut chutney and Sambhar. The best part was the coconut oil aroma. It tasted 100% authentic. Prepared freshly. This joint should have more presence across the city.